Cucumber & Lemon Sparkling Vodka Collins - Beautiful Drinks Company

Cucumber & Lemon Sparkling Vodka Collins

Awards & Accolades

2021 Gold Medal
The San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Along the river… Walking along the banks, in stride with the lazy river. Sparkling gossamer wings, busily gathering in the mid-day sun. The path underfoot, the perfume of the wood, cooling if only for an instant. Shall we stop for a bit?

Clean, crisp and fresh from the garden flavors of cucumber, with notes of a zippy lemon squeeze. A subtle garnish of lemongrass is our surprise twist.

Flavored with distillates and extracts of botanicals.


Carbonated water, vodka, cane sugar, Beautiful Botanical Extract Blend (extracts of cucumber, juniper berry, quassia, coriander and lemongrass), citric acid, white grape juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavors.


Sparkling, 5% ABV
Gluten Free
No Preservatives

6 oz. Beautiful Drinks Vodka Collins
(One Cocktail)
— 75 calories
— 7.5 carbs (natural sugars)

12 oz. Beautiful Drinks Vodka Collins
(Per Can, Two Cocktails)
— 150 calories
— 15 carbs (natural sugars)

6 oz. Standard Bar Vodka Collins
— 185 calories
— 18g carbs

What makes us different from standard bar cocktails? We have lower calories, carbs and alcohol, while delivering beautiful flavors.

We wanted to capture the nuance in nature and so we dug deeper. We started aesthetically, designing a pattern unique to each cocktail. Dipping beneath the surface, we reveal the flavors within and the pollinators that make them possible.

The Bumble Bee

Each of our cocktails celebrates a pollinator — one of nature’s workhorses that provides an invaluable service to the natural world. Without them, most of the earth’s plants would cease to exist.

The bumble bee, a particularly good pollinator and thankfully so for without this buzzy charmer, food would not grow. Their wings beat over 100 times per second and the buzzing entices flowers to release a cloud of pollen that helps the plants around it produce more fruit. Such busy work requires nourishment — if you see one moving slowly help them out with a shallow dish of sugary water. Their drink of choice is nectar, but the queen demands pollen for her nest.