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Lime & Ginger Sparkling Margarita

Awards & Accolades

2021 Gold Medal
The San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Down the path… Branches overhang in a leafy umbrella, capturing a palette of green. Swaths of grass, shrubs, vines and wildflowers provide shelter and a nest of foraged treasure. Wild terrain, of birdsong and fleeting activity, just out of the corner of one’s eye. Let’s explore further.

Tequila mingled with flavors of fresh ginger, lending a depth of warm spiciness, paired perfectly with flavors of lush lime.

Flavored with distillates and extracts of botanicals.


Carbonated water, tequila, cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, Beautiful Botanical Extract Blend (extracts of lime, agave verde, oak and orange blossom), lime juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, ginger juice, sea salt.


Sparkling, 5% ABV
Gluten Free
No Preservatives

6 oz. Beautiful Drinks Margarita
(One Cocktail)
— 75 calories
— 6.5 carbs (natural sugars)

12 oz. Beautiful Drinks Margarita
(Per Can, Two Cocktails)
— 150 calories
— 13 carbs (natural sugars)

6 oz. Standard Bar Margarita
— 270 calories
— 22g carbs

What makes us different from standard bar cocktails? We have lower calories, carbs and alcohol, while delivering beautiful flavors.

We wanted to capture the nuance in nature and so we dug deeper. We started aesthetically, designing a pattern unique to each cocktail. Dipping beneath the surface, we reveal the flavors within and the pollinators that make them possible.

The Monarch Butterfly

Each of our cocktails celebrates a pollinator — one of nature’s workhorses that provides an invaluable service to the natural world. Without them, most of the earth’s plants would cease to exist.

The long-distance migration of the Monarch butterfly is truly a natural phenomenon. Armed with their magnetic compass and specialized travel gene, the migration will take multiple generations to complete. The milkweed plant is critical to their development, while it is toxic to most, the Monarch calls it home. Their distinctive orange, black and white wings serve as a warning to predators, allowing the Monarch to dine relatively undisturbed.